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DIMPLES: 656 small and 414 big dimples. According to the computational analysis this distribution of size and number create the most even surface on the hexahedron surface of the golf ball. 1070 dimples reduce aerodynamic drag and increase carry for added distances.

COVER & CORE: According to USGA and R&A regulations the ball should have equally distributed cover thickness to maximize the energy of the core to the highest velocity while at the same time maintaining consistency of ball compression. The core is designed to <0.04mm deviation with the use of special materials. The construction is more compact and solid creating an even energy release resulting in a smoother flight and longer distance ball.

Dimplit 1070’s compression and use of materials make it very close to 3-piece construction. This engineering makes for longer distance while maintaining required softness. Dimplit 1070 does not have any section mould-line and is designed with the most evenly distributed dimples producing the most consistent flight path technologically possible. Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules