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MoRodz™ is the leading supplier of custom golf alignment sticks, the hottest product in the golf industry today. Our alignment rods are a must for all golfers, teaching professionals and programs, and is the perfect promotional item for clubs, businesses or organizations.

Using MoRodz™ during a practice routine provides optimal performance on the course, It improves shot accuracy, balance, and short game confidence resulting in lower scores. MoRodz™ will change the way you practice and teach forever.

MoRodz are a portable, multifunctional training tool used for alignment, swing plane and much more. Due to the versatility of this product, the alignment rods are suitable for golfers of all levels and ages.

MoRodz work by taking either one or two of the fibreglass rods provided and setting them up in any one of a number of formations to work on various aspects of the golf swing.

Many tour players use them on the driving range when warming up for a tournament to check that their alignment is correct. Other uses also include drills for ball position, swing plane and putting alignment


- Made out of high quality fibreglass
- Available in Red
- Lightweight
- Portable
- 44" Rods easily stored in golf bag
- Same training aid used by Touring Professionals
- Includes instructional booklet with easy to use drills.