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EYELINE GOLF PUTTING SCOPE JUST RELEASED! Developed with Michael Breed, a top 100 US golf instructor. Aim the Scope at the intended starting line of your putt. Align your eyes, putter, and body to the Scope Rod... you are ready to make a great stroke. Use the small opening in the Scope Legs to fine-tune the starting line of your putts - indoors or outdoors.

The Putting Scope will help you with:
•Alignment - Align yourself on the proper starting line for your putt.
•Speed Control - Set the Putting Scope up as a line and learn to roll the ball exactly to that line.
•Stroke Length - Mark the Rod with a marker to check stroke length back and through.
•Entry Points of Putts - Use a Scope leg on the high point of a putt and learn to roll the putt at the correct speed.
•Great for use indoors or outdoors!