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Aero Spark NEO Tee You will be impressed and surprised when you use the Aero Spark Tee. These tees are made in Japan and are a remarkable Patent Pending design which will help INCREASE YOUR DISTANCE. Depending on your club head speed and loft angle YOU CAN ACHIEVE 4-9 MORE METRES (5-10 Yards) by decreasing spin on the ball. The ball will spin less than 2400 times as opposed to using conventional wooden tees which create spin of over 2800 times.


    • Conforms to worldwide golf rules so can be used in tournament and competition play.

    • Allows for consistent height of driver tee shot.

    • Less resistance on impact results in an easier stroke.

    • Tee stays in ground - no more looking for tees.

One tee lasts for three rounds of golf (on average). You have to use it to believe it! RESULTS Weekly Par Golf conducted a survey to find out which type of tee could most likely contribute to an increase in driving distance. To make the test standard and equal the experiment was conducted using a swing machine under the following criteria:  

    • Club head speed was set to 42 meters per second

    • The driver used for the experiment was the Tourstage V36 (Bridgestone Sports)

    • The ball used was a High Brid EVRIO (SRI Sports)

Each tee was tested over 10 hits and the average factor of each tee was recorded   The results of the testing was as follows:   Ranking Aero Spark Tee Lift Tee Brush Tee Smooth Tee Wooden Tee Carry Distance (metres) 1st 185 182.9 183.2 181.8 181.8 Total Distance (metres) 1st 190.6 187.5 187.2 185.9 185.9 Accuracy (metres) 2nd 2.7 left 6.9 left 4.4 left 1.2 left 4.8 left Back Spin (rpm) 1st 2393 2726 2993 2851 2812 Angle of Primary Trajectory (degrees) 1st 15.9 14.9 14.4 15.6 15.1 Overall Ranking   1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th The testing revealed that the AERO SPARK TEE can contribute the most to increasing driving distance over any of the other tees.

The Aero Spark Tee is approved and conforms to all worldwide golf rules.